New Story!

My flash fiction piece, “Sweet Invidia,” is out by Akashic Books in their “Mondays Are Murder” series. Give it a read.  Oh, and follow me on Twitter. 

A New Adjunct

I’m staring at my soup. It’s tomato with basil, and just a tad burnt. I slurp it down and cut the heat with soft Saltines, which I’ve let sink into the mix. A textbook balances on my knee. A stack of blue books filled with diagnostic essays has been strewn across the bed. I lean … More A New Adjunct

Adventures in World-building: Devising Magic Systems

A complex fantasy world isn’t built in one day or seven days. In fact, fantasy writers may find that their secondary-world isn’t complete until after their story comes to an end. This is a daunting concept to consider, particularly for writing-perfectionists with a tendency towards completeness. Even more daunting is the process of creating a … More Adventures in World-building: Devising Magic Systems

Adventures in World-Building: Fantasy Religions

Religion is a staple in any fantasy world. And although our society is filled with worshipers of various faiths, creating a new religion for a novel, short story, or even table-top game is bound to be challenging. Here are a few elements to consider: Pantheon or Solo God? Your characters may worship a single god, … More Adventures in World-Building: Fantasy Religions