Writing Tech Part 2: Scrivener

In my last post, I discussed Literature and Latte's quick note taking software for writers--Scapple. Now it's time for Scrivener. Scrivener is a nifty program that allows writers to organize, construct, and structure their novels, stories, research papers, and scripts. It's all about accessibility, much like Scapple, but on a larger scale. Imagine having your… Continue reading Writing Tech Part 2: Scrivener

Writing Tech Part 1: Scapple

If you've scoured the internet looking for any sign of software designed for serious writers then you've certainly come across a company called Literature & Latte. Scrivener is their more well known product, but today I'd like to talk about another: Scapple. Scapple "is an easy-to-use tool for getting ideas down as quickly as possible… Continue reading Writing Tech Part 1: Scapple

Pace Yourself: Writing With Rhythm And Intent

Pacing is all about creating a rhythm for the reader to follow. It allows you, the writer, to invoke emotion in the reader wherever you wish. The most basic element in pacing is speed; how fast or how slow your reader reads what you've written can be determined by sentence structure. Fast Pacing There are… Continue reading Pace Yourself: Writing With Rhythm And Intent

The Premium Writing Space (Is the one you create)

Our environment is not always ideal for writing, plotting, or revision. I have a noisy cat, televisions blaring all over, and a rabble of neighbors who have seemingly coordinated their lawn mowing in subsequent shifts--they're secretly plotting to annoy me, I think. Even with a number of household distractions, it's not too difficult to find… Continue reading The Premium Writing Space (Is the one you create)

Literary Fiction Vs. Genre Fiction

Whether you're a reader, and English-major, or a writer, the concept of two categories defining all of fiction may seem confusing and totally unnecessary. But if you are interested in the literary fiction vs. genre fiction debate, here are the ground rules that are often ambiguous and muddled and ever-changing.┬áCharacter Driven Vs. Plot DrivenThis is… Continue reading Literary Fiction Vs. Genre Fiction

Adventures in World-building: Writing Local Color

Imagination can take a writer far; what it can't do is take a writer to the moon and back whenever it pleases. Writing Fantasy is a wonderful experience, but writing local color in Fantasy to make your towns, villages, and cities appear dynamic is a difficult task. Here are some ideas and resources to consider… Continue reading Adventures in World-building: Writing Local Color