Writer Gear, April 19: Out in Nature

I went to the woods because I wished to live deliberately, to front only the essential facts of life, and see if I could not learn what it had to teach, and not, when I came to die, discover that I had not lived

-Henry David Thoreau

Writing in nature invokes inner peace. It also prompts introspection--one of the greatest tools a writer will ever use.
Writing in nature invokes inner peace. It also prompts introspection–one of the greatest tools a writer will ever use.

Writing among nature is beautiful. While planted on a rock or a park bench or a fallen tree trunk, my imagination gracefully springs to life. Perhaps it’s all of the green and brown hues. Or maybe it’s the high pitched chirps juxtaposed with the fanning of leaves in the Summer wind. Whatever it is, I am certain that while nature allows me to think better it does not necessarily allow me to write easier. That is why I am kicking off my “Writer Gear” series. With each post I will present a new theme and corresponding writer essentials. Below are five items any writer with an inclination for the woods will enjoy.

 1. A Functional Lapdesk

While laptops may seem efficient (you can be sure they won’t blow away in the wind), going out to write in nature is all about leaving technology and daily distractions behind. That being said, you still need a surface to write on. Ideally, it should be something other than your knee.

On a Budget: Wood Schoolhouse Lapdesk by LapGear

Splurge a Bit: Campaign Lapdesk and Writing Set

2. A Decent Feather Pen Set

Okay, so a regular ball point pen or #2 pencil will do the trick just fine. But if you’re looking to give your writing implement a touch of style, consider the feather pen. There are numerous sets and models out there ranging from very cheap to quite expensive. Just beware of the feather on windy days; you may find the breeze pulling your pen right off the page.

On a Budget: Authentic Models Feather Pen Set

Splurge a Bit: Black Owl Pewter Feather Quill by Coles Caligraphy

3. Not-Your-Average Notebook

I have a handful of Five-Star notebooks sitting in a drawer. Some are filled with school notes, others have doodles, and some even contain bits of writing and story outlines. But writing in one of those isn’t the same when I’m out on a forest trail. I want the experience to feel special, and thus, my notebook should be special as well.

Faux-Leather Lovers: Blue Embossed Dragonfly Journal 

On a Budget: Sacred Oak Tree Leather Journal

Splurge a Bit: LuxuxOlymp’s Handmade Leather Journal

4. No Spill Containers

Writers love coffee and/or tea, do they not? The one thing worse than forgetting your drink of choice at home is spilling it all over your notebook, your shoes, yourself, and the not-so-friendly nearby squirrel (don’t turn your back on those pesky little deviants). You need something to keep your coffee or tea in the bottle. Luckily for you, no-spill-mugs seem to be growing in popularity. They’re everywhere.

On a Budget: Contigo Autoseal Stainless Steel Vacuum Insulated Tumbler (The tumbler of many features, apparently)

Splurge a Bit: Why? In the case of no-spill-containers, there’s really not going to be anything spectacular about a more expensive option. Unless they throw in a personal barrista. Wait, do they have those? I hope they have those. When I’m a rich, jet setting author I am SO buying one.

5. Backup Seating

It rains, okay. The ground might be wet when you get to your favorite forest clearing. Or you might not feel too comfortable sitting with the bugs. It’s okay, writing in nature does not mean sitting in it. Look for something lightweight and portable.

On a Budget: Kelsyus Mesh Backpack Outdoor Chair

Splurge a Bit: Faulkner Chair with Tray Table (Great if you don’t have a lapdesk)



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