Adventures in World-building: Devising Magic Systems

A complex fantasy world isn't built in one day or seven days. In fact, fantasy writers may find that their secondary-world isn’t complete until after their story comes to an end. This is a daunting concept to consider, particularly for writing-perfectionists with a tendency towards completeness. Even more daunting is the process of creating a… Continue reading Adventures in World-building: Devising Magic Systems

No Right Way to Write Dialogue Tags

My natural inclination to write dialogue is as follows: "Your style is generic and boring," said Lisa." Notice I wrote said Lisa, rather than Lisa said. I can't place when I started using this particular syntax, or why I started using it. How do any of us decide on style and syntax, when the books we read are… Continue reading No Right Way to Write Dialogue Tags

Literary Fiction Vs. Genre Fiction

Whether you're a reader, and English-major, or a writer, the concept of two categories defining all of fiction may seem confusing and totally unnecessary. But if you are interested in the literary fiction vs. genre fiction debate, here are the ground rules that are often ambiguous and muddled and ever-changing. Character Driven Vs. Plot DrivenThis is… Continue reading Literary Fiction Vs. Genre Fiction