Editing Wikipedia

First-Year Writing students are tasked with finding a home for sources cited in class research projects by adding information to relevant Wikipedia pages. As a part of this project, students are required to complete Wiki Edu training modules, engage in discussion with other editors about Wikipedia article shortcomings, and publish edits after receiving and considering feedback from other students.

The linked Wikipedia page catalogs the classes that have participated in this assignment. Individual class pages link to articles edited by students.

#Academic Twitter & Using Social Media In Research

This hour(ish)-long presentation and its accompanying materials are designed to introduce students to the concept of social media as networking and collaboration tool for scholars, as well as a massive public repository for thoughts, opinions, and conversations–all of which reveal much about what we think and how we express ourselves online.

This presentation is a part of the Digital Humanities Lab at the University of New Haven, a 1-credit course aimed at introducing students to the digital humanities. A group of instructors give presentations on a variety of tools and techniques that might be used to create unique and innovative projects.

Digital Research Presentation

Public-facing student projects (coming soon).